Some Latest News at Evans Events

Here are some pictures and articles from recent events and ideas for your future events!

Evans Entertainment Honored with Cover of International Magazine


Evans' Chosen to be on the Cover of the International FCM


Joey Evans Cover FCM

We would just like to thank the International FCM for choosing us to be on the cover of their magazine.  They did a fantastic feature talking about

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Record Balloon Artistry in Naples Florida



The How-to Video of America's Largest Balloon Biplane!


I have been doing balloon art and balloon twisting, as well as magic here in Naples and across Fort Myers and Bonita for over a decade.  However, this creation was one of the largest we have ever done, and it's also getting the most press with over 20 newspapers picking up the story as well as USA today.  The biplane itself was built to scale with the Sopwith Camel F-1 and used over 1500 balloons.  This was not only one of the biggest creations in Naples and Southwest Florida, but one of the largest balloon planes in the world! 

We have been asked to give a video showing how this large sculpture came together and I thought that would be a great idea.  The video shows still shots from beginning to end and also has some video clips in there so you can see just the extreme size of the creation.  You also get to see one of the scary moments of puting everything together!  We almost had a huge setback! 

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World Record Balloon Biplane in Naples


It's not a bird or Superman, it's a FULL SIZE BIPLANE, made entirely of balloons!


Balloon Biplane Evans Entertainment

We like to take on big project sometimes, and usually they are in the realm of balloon decor and decorations.  We have decorated for all sorts of parties from weddings to corporate events to birthday parties from Naples to Fort Myers to Indiana.  It takes a good amount of time with people wanting columns, arches, table centerpieces, and always geared for their theme.  However, we have never done a project as big as we did this past week in Fort Myers, Florida. 

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3000 Balloon Rollercoaster

3000 Balloon Rollercoaster

World's Largest Balloon Rollercoaster


     Think you've seen balloons?  We love designing our super-sculptures around the country, but it's extra special when we get to use our balloon artistry skills here in the Naples and Fort Myers area.  Our latest creation just raised the bar and created the World's Largest Balloon Rollercoaster clocking in at 3000 balloons and over 110 man hours!  This super-sculpture was on display all week in Fort Myers, Florida.

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