Sanibel Harbor Marriott in Fort Myers - Balloons and Face Painting

Hook 'Em Horns - Balloon Animal Bracelet style! (Luckily Texas Longhorns don't pop their own balloons)

So you want us to come out to your 5 star resort every holiday weekend and provide balloon artistry and face painting to your guests in Fort Myers across the bay from the beautiful Sanibel? Let me think about it.... okay.  
Seriously if you haven't been to the Sanibel Harbor Marriott in Fort Myers, just the view is spectacular and top it off with the fact that the staff is amazing, you have a win/win.  We do our comedy magic show for corporate events there, but we also offer our balloon artistry and face painting to not only the corporate events, but to the guests every holiday weekend.   Since the event is outside, we specialize on putting the balloons on bracelets, headbands, and balloon hats.  This seriously helps negate the wind wanting to run off with them!

A nice ocean breeze makes this a seriously amazing office.  Oh, and the staff without fail gets involved in the festivities with balloons and face painting every time.  I mean if you live and work in paradise, why shouldn't a smile be permanently on your face.

The wonderful staff got involved too! And the Minnie Mouse balloon bracelet matches perfectly, after all, we are all slaves to fashion.
Balloon artistry, Minion and Turtle. One from Universal, One from Pixar, but we can all get along!
Festive Face Painting Design in Fort Myers Paradise
The Ice Queen balloon artistry. Luckily she didn't make it snow. And it's a bracelet so she wouldn't Let it Go... Let it Go... Let it Go...
Gator balloon hat!
Sometimes you make a balloon dog and it's nice, other times you make one that attacks your arm. You just can't plan these things...
Face Painting at Chicos Corporate Headquarters in ...
Balloon Decor for Hertz in Fort Myers

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